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Monthly News
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Improved Pix

If you haven't noticed already, our site has just got a little clearer. Lego has re-taken every picture with new angles and a new backdrop. Every picture from The Home page to The Site Creaters page, is re-taken and remastered frame by frame. So don't squint your eyes, look clear, because Lego cares.


Travis & Curtis Mauro

New, Old, or Just Different?

Just a little while ago, we got an E-mail asking for a joke page. Well guess what? If our viewers want a joke page we will give it to them. Thats right, Lego is getting a joke page. Our 'G' rated site is about to get a little better.
We will have images that will make you fall off your block. Just make sure you don't get to carried away.


Micheal Jackson Getting
Kicked in the *****

Coming this fall to Lego

Lego, is very pleased to get new features such as Video, and Instant Messaging, as well as new photos. 'Our site is going to be a bang in the lego internet world' says Curtis Mauro (Site Creater). 'I can't wait for our new features' says Travis Mauro (Site Creater). These features should be added to Lego this October.