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"When I'm alone, When I'm alone without you, When I'm away, Away far from you, You know I seem , I seem to like you that much..."

Welcome To The Band Darren!!!
Thursday, February 26th, 2009


Guess who? Oh ya, Darren Vlassoff, that's who! Well as you've read in the headline, Darren Vlassoff is officially the drummer and the final member of the Wanko Twist lineup. Just recently, Vlassoff agreed to be in the band, and when Curtis J. McKenzie (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) got the yes to the invitation of Vlassof wanting to be in the band, he immedeitly planned a ride for Vlassoff and his drumkit to be sent up to The Wanko Pub to get some long awaited practice in and the resaults of the short three hour practice were amazing as Vlassoff learned a quarter of Wanko Twist' songs and perfected them. "Fame is just around the corner" commented Curtis J. McKenzie and right he probably is.

February's a Little Different, As For The Band...?
Monday, February 23rd, 2009 


A new album? Yeah right! No not a new album but a new name for the first unreleased and upcoming Wanko Twist album. Well what's the name? Simple, just Wanko Twist. After a short discussion about the album between the band, the three decided to scrap "Battle Royale" after rhythm guitarist and background vocalist Curtis J. McKenzie figuered out that a battle royale is a fight between two chinese rivals. Therefor they just agreed to go with a simple self titled album. The band has also added a newly written 2009 track titled "Teenage Wannabees", and a Ramones Cover "I Wanna Be Sedated". Curtis J. McKenzie has also re-written "That Cold Winter Breeze" from an instrumental, to another acoustic song with lyrics and a written guitar solo. The entire song is performed by Curtis J. McKenzie and will only be a studio mix (therefor won't be played during gigs).

W.T.H. What happened With The Band?
Wendsday, January 28th, 2009


Whats going on with Wanko Twist lately? Well as for the drummer situation, not very good. The band still can't choose between Darren Vlassoff, and Spencer Spears. They're still in that tough situation, but a side from that, recording and practice has also come to a halt. The band hopes to get back on its feet soon and get back in touch with band manager DJ Horton for an upcoming gig and possible recording session. Curtis J. McKenzie (rhythm guitar and background vocals) and Travis A. McKenzie (Lead guitar and Lead Vocals) have made quite a few improvements on songs such as: Loverbeam, Manganese (The Bleeding), and Twist (Yell, Scream, & Shout). New guitar solos, newer rhthyms and a much stronger and more powerful voice performance by both Curtis J. McKenzie and Travis A. McKenzie. The new improvements should be a hit and when they finaly get recorded, they should be a success.

Bring Out The Popcorn & Some Laughs
Friday, December 12th, 2008


Well get ready for this one, because its pretty interesting, what is it? Well if you haven't heard already, Curtis J. McKenzie, Travis A. McKenzie, and DJ Horton are going to be on Television and Movie stars. How? Well with the series of "Rated R For Retarded" and "The Bontch List". What the heck are thoughs? Well "Rated R For Retarded" is kind of like "Jack Ass" except worse, and "The Bontch List" is about people who want to make you BONTCH. Its hilarious and amusing to anybody, and it also includes the stars of your favorite band Wanko Twist. Check it out on: Youtube or check it out to see both "Rated R For retarded" and "The Bontch List". Hurry and see what your missing!!!

Now What?
Friday, December 12th, 2008 


Due to problems that occured at Sir. James Dunn C&VS, The Christmas Show has been canceled, but whats going to happen with Vlassoff? Well Wanko Twist still wants him to be the drummer and are still going to give him the drumming audition he deserves at a Dunn Plugged in January. As far as the New Years Gig goes, its on and is going to be a party of a life time!!! DON'T MISS OUT!!!

The Possible Return Of Vlassoff
Tuesday, December 10th, 2008

Darren Vlassoff? Well guess what, he might be coming back and for a long time, only if he can prove his point and prove that he's worthy of being in Wanko Twist at The Sir. James Dunn Christmas Show. Manager DJ Horton is going to give Vlassoff one more chance and if he succeeds, he's back in.

An Album Along The Way
Thursday, December 5th,2008


Well could ya guess what this article is about? Well it's the estimated  date of when Wanko Twist: Battle Royale will be finished. Well according to Travis A. McKenzie (Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals of Wanko Twist), says "the album will be ready hopefully by the end of February, that's if everything goes to plan in the studio". Travis A. McKenzie also says: "Just give it some time and our album will be top notch". Hopefully that's how things will go.

Happy New Year!!!
Thursday,December 4th,2008


Another great gig? Thats right! Wanko Twist is planning a huge New Years concert Live at The Wanko Pub. They're not sure if its going to be the day before New Years or on New Years Day, but there will be a date set sometime next week. It will be the show of the century, so DON'T miss it!!! 

The Temperary Return For Vlassoff
Thursday, December 4th,2008


Well if you read the headline correctly, former Wanko Twist Drummer Darren Vlassoff will be returning for one show at Sir James Dunn's Christmas Holiday Celebration to perform a few songs with the band. Vlassoff is considering rejoining the band and starting a new contract under a few conditions. The reason Vlassoff was fired in the first place was due to the fact that he wasn't obeing the contract what so ever and due to the fact that he could never have time for recording sessions or practises. DJ Horton (Band Manager/Producer) and Curtis J. McKenzie (Rythm Guitar/ Background Vocals) have been recently looking into Spencer Spears to replace Vlassoff. No desisions have been made yet and so far the band is still trying to get a new drummer permanently by the end of 2008.  

"All I Wanna Be Is A Wanko Yeah!!!